Thursday, September 20, 2012

Max Factor Fantasy Fire

 Back a few months ago Esther over at Fab Fingertips kindly offered to send me a bottle of Max Factor Fantasy Fire, a said to be close match for Clarins 230 and Urban Decay Toxin, since it was on my wishlist and I couldn't be happier with it even thought it has taken me so long to try it. Fantasy Fire is a beautiful sheer purple base with red, gold and green multichrome shimmer. Picture is one coat of Fantasy Fire layered over black with top coat.

 Thanks so much Esther! 


  1. Beautiful! I haven't tried my bottle of Fantasy Fire yet--it's so tiny I want to wait until the perfect time, though when that is I'm not sure. :)

  2. I do own Clarins #230. Like many says, it does not hold up over the yrs - the color changes on it over time to be more orange. I don't have the UD polish but do have the Max Factor one. The latter is a lot like Clarins #230 - same size micro (nope beyond micro particles) - the color it leaves is a bit different from what my #230 was originally, but it's close.

  3. I'm afraid this one is not sold in my country :( Looks so pretty tho... Maybe I'll try to get it through ebay or online anyway ^_^



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