Friday, January 6, 2012

The Black Knight Franken

 Hi guys! I hope everyone had a great start to the new year! Back when I saw the promo pics for Butter London The Black Knight I knew I wanted it but couldn't get it shipped over to me. So, after a while I thought about making my own and that's exactly what I did. 
 I was surfing around and found where Goose's Glitter made one using Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink and OPI Absolutely Alice. Now, since I already had AA and knew I could easily get RP at the store here I had to try it out. Luckily for me I picked up the last RP in stock and started making my franken. 
 Like Goose's Glitter I used a bit of black, Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink and OPI Absolutely Alice but couldn't stop myself there. I also threw in a little OPI Extra-Va-Vaganza! and Femme Couture Tinsel. 
 I call it The Holy Grail because every time I hear The Black Knight I always think of Monty Python's The Holy Grail where King Arthur fights the black knight. Please tell me you all have seen this movie?

 What do you think, is it close to The Black Knight? How was the start of the new year for you? Did you do anything fun?


  1. Oh wow!!! That's pretty darn close to it. Such a great job. And you saved so much money, lol.

  2. That looks awesome! So pretty!

  3. spot on!!!! If it has a nicer formula than the real black knight you should sell it girl!!!

  4. OMG Tera, I think it came out VERY VERY nice!

  5. Love the nail and the franken!

  6. Yess monty python reference - one of my favorite movies!

    I did not swatch black knight but I saw the bottle in person - looks pretty dark close!

  7. Beautiful franken! I'm'a have to try making my own; I don't own AA but I do have Simmer & Shimmer and Rock Star... *ponders* And yes, my first thought was Monty Python too! "No, no, it's just a flesh wound!" LOL


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