Thursday, January 19, 2012

BYS Lulu Blue

 One of my first BYS polishes! I picked up Lulu Blue while we were in Tokyo along with Down The Rabbit Hole, which I will be wearing soon. 
 Lulu Blue is a clear base with blue and holo glitter. In the store I thought it was just blue and silver but once I saw it in sunlight I was happy to see it wasn't. 
 I used four coats and it isn't opaque so this would definitely be a layering polish but it's still gorgeous. The only downside on this one is the smell and drying time, it didn't seem to dry as quick as some glitters but it did have a high gloss, give and take I guess? Overall, I love it. 

 Have you tried any BYS polishes? Did they smell strong to you? 


  1. High gloss shine with a glitter? Yes please! I can get past the smell (I actually like the old polish smell....).

    1. I couldn't believe it was so shiny, Angie!


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