Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gosh Green Hawaii

 This is one I have had for a while but haven't gotten around to trying it. Gosh Green Hawaii combines two of my favorite things, green and glitter and not just any glitter it's holographic glitter! It is so hard to get pictures of the glitter but trust me it is packed full of it. I am so glad I finally got around to wearing this one, I adore it. 
 There were no issues with Green Hawaii, the first coat was a little sheer but after that was fine. I have to say I love the Gosh bottles and their brushes. I used three coats for my pictures. 

 Also, my creative juices have been tapped out lately and I can't think of any nail design to do so if you have been wanting to see something now is the time to speak up!


  1. I love this green! It's so pretty!

  2. Very pretty green! Looks great on you.

  3. Hmm, how about something with sponging? Or..oh I went to jury duty, make something judicial? Or something with hex glitter found at the craft store? Exercise equipment - I started back at the gym...Or something to match the outfit you're wearing on your next date?

  4. Cherry blossom season is coming... lol! I love bright cheerful greens like this, especially now that winter's officially socked in!

    1. I have been thinking of another cherry blossom design for this year, can't wait to try it out, ANA!

  5. This is gorgeous! And to be honest, I wish this one was Gosh Golden Dragon, because that name makesme want the polish but the color doesn't do anything for me. And I know this is super late *sigh* (Blogger has been impossible for me to log into as of late) but origami nails? *puppy eyes*

  6. Thanks, awww, sad! I like Golden Dragon. Ohh, origami nails, I like!


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