Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Texas, The Creams and Shimmers

 After a long wait I have gotten my Texas Collection, these came out in February and most of you have likely seen them. Anyways, sometimes I wish I was back home and could just go to JC Penny or Trade Secret or where ever and pick it up myself. When I saw the promo pictures for these and I didn't really want any, a few days later I wanted to try a couple. Then I started seeing swatches and went back to not wanting any and then I got the entire collection. Indecisive much, me? No, not at all. Lets start off with the best of the creams and shimmers.
 Suzi Loves Cowboys, yummm, makes me think of melted chocolate. It isn't very exciting but I have to say this is my favorite of this half. Maybe I like it so much because I don't own any other brown polishes? Either way I love it. Picture is two coats, applied great, no troubles.

 Don't Mess With OPI is much like Jade Is The New Black from the Hong Kong collection last year. They vary slight in shade so if you aren't an addict or a hoarder you probably don't need both. Picture is two coats and application was nice like most OPI creams. 

San Tan-Tonio was not a favorite of mine but had one of the best formulas out of this half. It is a nice tan, neutral but not for me. It does something to my skin tone that I cannot describe. I think it would look great on a darker skin tone though. Picture is two coats, good formula like the first two above. 

 I Vant To Be A-Lone Star is a blueish gray with a bit of shimmer. Application was a bit tough, it seemed a little thick and did not want to even out for me but I do like the color. Picture is three coats.

 Austin-Tatious Turquoise was beautiful in the bottle, a turquoise blue with a hint of pink shimmer, but was a nightmare, a sheer, watery mess. I would have loved it if it was not like water. Picture is of four coats and it could have used at least one more.

 It's Totally Fort Worth It, just like Austin-Tatious Turquoise, I would have loved if it were not for the thin watery formula. This was the color I was most exited about from this collection and I was very disappointed. In the bottle it is a gorgeous silver with pink shimmer. This color is very hard to photograph, the pink shimmer does not show up on camera. I guess I will have to find something to layer this over. Picture is four coats. 

 These are great colors in the bottle but the two I loved most don't show up well on the nail or are a mess. I typically do not like to do more than two coats of polish unless it dries super quick or the color is really worth it. I might try leaving the tops off Austin-Tatious Turquoise and It's Totally Fort Worth It a few minutes, hopefully they will thicken up a bit and not be such a watery nightmare.
 I will be back tomorrow with the sorbets from this collection.


  1. "Suzi Loves Cowboys" looks wonderful!
    Your pictures look very nice!!!!!

  2. Thanks, I have a new light box set up and it seems to be working much better for my pictures.
    I didn't think I would like Suzi Loves Cowboys at all but it turned out to be my favorite. I can't wait until I wear it again!


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