Friday, May 20, 2011

Stranger Tides with Silver Shatter

 This is my favorite of the pirates collection. The murky sage is awesome, it is easy to apply for this kind of polish as well. Two coats, dry time was normal.

 I love Silver Shatter, just not on Stranger Tides, it is far too pretty to cover up. I am still playing with the Silver and it does not shatter as much as I like with a thick coat. When I apply a thick coat I get small line breaks and it doesn't show the base coat much. Picture of Silver Shatter is with topcoat.

  Did any of you pick up Silver Shatter, have you tried layering it over other colors? I have had it over Black Onyx on my toes since I first got it. I don't post pictures of my feet much, maybe I will put that combo on my nails next.


  1. I just bought Silver Shatter last Friday. I tried it with the POTC lacquers and a gold one. I'll post a picture of the gold-silver shatter combo soon on my blog (for the POTC, they are already on my blog).

    Maybe try thinner coats to get more crackles. Or try it over not completely dried nail polish, it shatters better.

    I'll do a complety review soon...!!

  2. I have found it works best for me to get as thin a layer of Silver Shatter as I can like my first post with it on Skull And Glossbones. It breaks up more that way for me. You should definitely try the silver over black, amazing!


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