Sunday, May 15, 2011

Steady As She Rose with Silver Shatter

  Out of the entire Pirates collection Steady As She Rose was the thickest formula for me. It was not difficult to work with like most pastel polishes though. 
 I really love this light pink, it has a bit of a lavender tone to me, somewhere close to Lucky Lucky Lavender maybe? I would love to compare those two but my LLL is with my mother, although I know it has that usual streaky pastel formula. That is probably why I do not wear it much. Steady As She Rose will be getting plenty of use especially with the great application. 
 I used two thin coats, it covered fantastically and dried quick.

 With Silver Shatter I love this color even more. The light pink under the silver I think looks very interesting. I really like this combo! Picture is with topcoat.

 Just my piece of advice on the Shatters, some have been saying they have dried up quickly so every few times I use mine I add a couple of drops of thinner and gently roll it until mixed well. 


  1. Pretty combo! I am still looking for that collection :( everywhere around me is sold out

  2. I think this and Sparrow Me The Drama will probably be my favorites of the collection paired with Shatter. There are a few e-tailers that still have it in stock if you can't find it anywhere else.


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