Tuesday, May 10, 2011


 I am a bit behind, blogger would not let me post the past few days, very fustrating. The Pirates collection finally came in, I ordered from Aveyou.com again and shipping time was fantastic. My Stranger Tides had black streaks though it, I think it was from the balls. No matter what I did, rolled, shake, nothing still streaked with black. I emailed them about and they are shipping me a new one so I am very happy about that. After I emailed them went ahead and swatched Stranger Tides along with the rest of the collection, but am waiting until I get the new bottle to do a full mani. It does not seem to have an effect on the color and does not show black streaks on the nail. I have no idea why it is doing that, has anyone else had that problem? Anyways, beside that I have to say I am in love with all of these.
 From left to right are Steady as She Rose, Sparrow me the Drama and Planks a Lot.

 Here they are with Silver Shatter which was a bit more difficult to work with than the Black Shatter.

Left to Right are Skull and Glossbones, Stranger Tides and Mermaids Tears.

 The Silver Shatter on these is a thinner coat and seemed to shatter more than a thicker one. I have Silver Shatter on my toes with Black Onyx under and it looks amazing!

 Overall I love all of these! Stranger Tides and Skull and Glossbones would have to be my favorites, they are just such strange colors I can't help it. 
 I did not have many problem with application other than the Silver Shatter and I will just have to play with it. Planks a lot and Mermaids Tears stained my nails pretty bad with no base coat so if you will be wearing those I highly suggest using one. Other than that they seemed perfect to me. Some of the pastels from last years Shrek collection were a bit goopy and needed three coats to be opaque but these I did not have that problem. I used two coats and they were fine, Skull and Glossbone did not want to apply smooth on the tip of my index finger but I think that is because of the curve on my nail and not getting the brush close enough. My only real problem is the brush for Skull and Glossbones, it does not want to stay on the cap! I will probably super glue it in later. 


  1. Hi!
    First time on your blog (but not the last one! :p )
    Steady as She Rose, Sparrow me the Drama and Planks a Lot are really pretty and cute~ even the 3 on different nails are nice! they go well together! but I want to try Skull and Glossbones, Stranger Tides cos they are so "stange" colors, as you said!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! They are awesome colors, and Stranger Tides and Skull and Glossbones are different than what is usually around. I can't wait until I get my replacement bottle of Stranger Tides so I can do a full mani.


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