Tuesday, December 14, 2010


 This is a non nail related so if you don't care to read about Japanese games you can skip the long out of control post.
 Some of you probably know that I am current in Japan from my first post or by guessing from the title of my blog. Either way I just have to share one of my loves from spending some time here and that is the game of pachinko. If you have never heard of it there are plenty of videos floating around, mostly on youtube I think.  
 Gambling in Japan is typically forbidden except for some motor sports and horse racing events that I know of. Pachinko is not considered gambling for the fact that if you win you do not get money at the parlor for the amount of balls you have. You usually receive a plastic case with tokens inside or you can get a card , much like a debit card if you want to come back to play later. If you wish you may cash you tokens to a separate store not affiliated with the parlor.
 The easiest way to explain the game it is you get small heavy metal balls that you can shoot into the top of the machine that fall down through pegs. If you so happen to get a ball into a gate or small opening on the game it has a video slot that spins. The coolest part is when you get three matching numbers or items, depending on what machine you play, it hits a jackpot and you get even more balls and there are a ton of different games to play on it.
 I have been so addicted to the pachinko parlors lately. Those places are so loud no joke I seriously have to wear earplugs, you can not hear anything in there.
 On a related note I had a small pachinko-nail related incident this weekend and I broke the corner off my right hand ring finger, the polish has chipped and now I have to remove my candy cane print. Depressing, but I did win the jackpot!

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