Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tip for using OPI Pro Wide Brush

 I know many people do not like the Pro Wide brush because it is too large for their narrow nails. I have almost the same problem but I love the Pro Wide. My pinky nails are somewhat narrow so what I do is simple turn the brush straight up and down. This is kind of hard to explain in words but instead of using the brush flat, where the widest part is horizontal with the nail, turn it so the flat part is vertical. Like in the pictures below.
 Use the wide part of the brush flat, horizontal to the nail for wide nails.

 For narrow nails turn the flat part vertical, up and down, so you are using the narrow side of the brush. 

 I hope this helps some of you. Using the brush this way lets me cover my pinky nails in two strokes and the rest of my nails in three. It works great for me.
 Have you tried the Pro Wide this way? Do you like the Pro Wide brushes?

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  1. I will try this next time. I was just complaining about the brushes!


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