Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2012 Mercy Me Orange Crackle

 I am a little disappointed with this one, Mercy Me was very thick. So thick that I had to put about forty drops of thinner just to make it start cracking! Seriously? Ridiculous. It could use more but I was too frustrated to deal with it anymore. 

 Have you ever been excited over a polish only to be disappointed once you get it on?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Unbirthday

 Today I have my franken for Lippmann's Forget You, I call it Happy Unbirthday. You know, because of the Lippmann Happy Birthday polish and the Disney Wonderland song Happy Unbirthday? It just seemed fitting for the glitter in a black base. 
 With two coats the base is fairly opaque and has tons of glitter in it so I might thin it down a bit more still. Overall I am really satisfied with this. Now I only need the original Lippmann Happy Birthday with the square glitter. 

 Would you wear this type of glitter polish?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pink Party Animal

 Before taking my pink franken off it was suggested that I do animal print over it. I added my black franken on the ring fingers, then did pink and black stripes. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Candy Shop Franken

 After working on my Lippmann frankens and the issues they gave me, I am finally pleased with them. The pink base is darker than Candy Shop but I think I like it a bit more that way. The glitter is pretty dense and the base is shiny and squishy. I love the look of the glitter suspended in the jelly. The picture below is two coats.
 Now I only need a name. Maybe Mad Cotton Candy since for some reason it reminds of Mad As A Hatter? Candy Fizz? I can't decide. 

 Do you have any suggestions for naming this franken?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OPI The Muppets Collection PR

 It is official, the collection for this holiday is The Muppets. I am most excited about the glitters, no surprise there! If you haven't seen or heard about it yet, more info and pictures after the jump.

Monday, August 22, 2011

H&M Hunt Me Down

 Green is one of my favorite polish colors so it's no surprise that I love all of these greens lately. 
 H&M Hunt Me Down is a cool cream green. Application was flawless. If you are careful this would be a one coater, I did two just for the sake of pictures though. The brush was really nice and easy to control as well.
 There isn't much else to say about this one except it is one of my new favorites. I also cracked the edge of my middle finger, hopefully since they have been growing wild recently it will grow out pretty quick.

 What is you favorite color polish? When I was younger I used to only buy whites, pinks and reds but I love the weird colors more these days. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lippmann Party Started Frankens

 When I first saw the pictures from the Lippmann Get This Party Started Set I was beyond excited. Not only because of the pink and black glitter but also that Happy Birthday would be included with them since I had been wanting it for a while. 
 Now that I have seen the swatches and noticed that Happy Birthday in the set does not have the square glitter it used to have, I am disappointed, it isn't special enough for me to want it anymore. I have Milani Gems and NYX Carnival that are almost exactly the same thing. 
 With Gems and Carnival being so close to the glitter in the set, why spend that amount on something I can easily franken? So I tried it. They still need to be tweaked a little but I think they are pretty close to Candy Shop and Forget You. 

 Have you franked a polish that you wanted, what was it and how did it turn out?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Pumpkin Orange

 Hot Makeup is a brand that I had not heard of until my swap with Swaafie. She sent me two colors, one of which was this pumpkin orange. I think the name of it is Ibiza Orange but there isn't a name on the bottle so I could be wrong. 
 This color reminds me of fall. It is a pretty pumpkin shade and it goes well with my skin tone. I really like it.
 The formula was good, covered in two coats. The brush was great, it is wide like OPI's. It was a little thick but a few drops of thinner and it would be perfect. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

NYX Algae

 After having to remove Gosh Holo yesterday, I really didn't want to, I tried my last cream NYX polish. 
 Algae is a beautiful dusty turquoise, I love it. 
 It was thick but nothing unmanageable or couldn't be fixed with a few drops of thinner. I did get some bubbles but again that may have been from the thickness of the polish. Other than that it went on well, covered in two coats and dried fairly quick.  

Friday, August 12, 2011

Good Gosh!

 Thanks to Swaffie I finally got a hold of Gosh Holographic. I am so happy she sent it to me because it is stunning! Pictures do this polish absolutely no justice.
 Application is a bit of a pain. It dries fast, you cannot go over the polish until it is bone dry or it will drag and create bald spots and top coat will seriously dull the holo. If you have a bit of patience it isn't bad though. I used two coats of base coat, one coat of Gosh, followed by a coat of base coat and one final coat of Gosh and it was perfect. I can't stop looking at my nails! Even indoors under artificial light it is gorgeous!
 The first picture is indoors under artificial light with one coat. You can see a few bald spots.

 Now, two coats of color in full sunlight. These pictures make it seem tame. Gosh Holographic is so much better in person.

 Do you have any holographic polishes? What is your favorite way to apply them, with base coat, without? What about top coat, do you think it takes away the holographic effect?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

KleanColor Chunky Holo Black

 Before taking Fashionista off I had to see what Chunky Holo Black would like over it. I don't know why it's called holo but it is pretty none the less. It shifts from a gold-orange to green and even seems to go blue in some light. 
 I really like this one, even if the base is a kind of disgusting water brown color. Picture is of two coats and it dries super quick. 

 I tried to get a picture of the blue but it is very hard to capture on camera. 

 What do you guys think?
 Pictures of Gosh Holographic soon!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Swap With Swaafie From Denmark

 A while back I found Swaafie's blog and reading through noticed she posted about Gosh Holographic. I emailed her about it and luckily she had just found another bottle and we agreed to a swap.
 She sent me some awesome polishes that I had been wanting along with the amazing Gosh Holo and a few treats. I tried one of the sticks so far, it was licorice with coconut filling that was delicious! She was even kind enough to decant some of her H&M Going Bananas that I was looking for but she couldn't get her hands on anymore. How sweet is that?
 I cannot wait to try all of these polishes! I am so grateful that she agreed to swap with me. Thank you Swaafie!

Adorable Blog Award

 Thanks to Kayono for giving me this award. If you haven't checked out her blog yet you really should, she does some awesome manis! Plus she is super sweet, friendly and has an adorable kitten! 

 I am tagging three bloggers who have fantastic blogs and I know have not received this award yet,
 -Swaffie, she does some amazing, original nail art!
 -No Naked Nails takes fabulous pictures with her collection of bouncy balls and has really fun nail designs.
 -Polish This! has great swatchs and detailed photos.

KleanColor Fashionista

 Fashionista is a army, olive green and I absolutely love it. I wasn't sure about it at first but I love the color on me. 
 I did have issues with application. There was major bubbling and it was pretty thick but that may have been because the bottle cap was loose during shipping and a bit leaked out. I will be putting a lot of thinner in this one for next time.

 Do you like these kind of strange colors or do you prefer the more traditional reds and pinks?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

NYX Mermaid Green with KleanColor Afternoon Picnic

 I was dying to try Afternoon Picnic because of the chunky glitter. Instead of using white that would probably make the large silver hex glitter not show as well I tried it with NYX Mermaid Green. 
 There was a bit of bubbling with Mermaid Green but other than that it was opaque in two coats and dried quickly. I have decided I do not like the NYX brush. It is small, thin and seems stiff to me. I had to go back to the bottle for more polish at least twice for most of my nails. 

 KleanColor's Afternoon Picnic has three sizes of hex glitter in several colors but is a pain to get on the brush sometimes. I kept dipping my brush in because there was no glitter on it. The first picture is one thick coat. 

 Since I love glitter one coat wasn't enough for me and I ended up doing three. 

 Have you tried NYX or KleanColor? What are you favorites? 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Blue, Green And An Order From

 I made an order with last week since they had several glitters I wanted and ordered a few other colors as well. Drugstore brands haven't been kind to me and that is the biggest reason I got out of polishing me nails for a while. I hated polishing my nails everyday. Anyways, I am hoping I will have better results this time around so along with the glitters I ordered a few NYX creams and Kleancolor Fashionista, which leaked out of the bottle a bit in shipping.
 I tried NYX Pistachio first, it is a close dupe for China Glaze For Audrey but Pistachio is just a shade darker. I prefer For Audrey though. Pistachio is thin and watery, took three coats and I should have used a third and there was cuticle drag.

 Then I put Cherimoya crackle in Evolution over Pistachio. They have crackle polish in every color for a decent price. My only problem with it is the smell and they are pretty thick with some chunks in it like it hasn't been mixed well or has started to dry out so if you are sensitive to smell I would steer clear of these. The green cracked well though. I hope the other one I ordered, an orange, works just as well.

 Pictured below is everything I ordered from If there is a color you would like to see let me know. My order was well packed with a ton of bubble wrap and took a week to get to me so I am pleased with that. 


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