Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Roses

 Hey guys, more bright summer nail art for today! This design was inspired by Robin Moses, you can see her video here. I love this design so much that I didn't really change much about it other than using yellow on the other fingers. The yellow is Revlon Sunshine Sparkle and the blue, I believe is OPI What's With The Cattitude but I could be wrong, I honestly don't remember on that one. The roses and leaves are all done with acrylic paint.

 I did the same thing on my thumbs as on the ring fingers.


  1. That's a beautiful design! I could never do something that lovely on paper let alone on my nails.

  2. omg this artwork is stunning! it looks spectacular...i love the revlon yellow, it's very subtle ;)

  3. So pretty! The roses almost look 3D to me. :) Great job!

  4. Holy dang, Tera, these are incredible! The colours are so beautiful together, and the level of detail in your highlighting is

  5. This is so pretty and elegant!!!

  6. This is so beautiful, amazing job!


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