Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bet You'll Never Guess What I Found...

 So, the beauty supply I have been going to since getting my license had a few very nice finds. The supply is kind of a hole in the wall shop that's not well know unless you are a licensed nail tech. Since you need a license to shop there and they are a pretty old place, and it's a huge place, I'm talking a warehouse for just nail products, they had some old OPI's still in stock.
 Today I have OPI DS Original, a light lavender holographic shade. It's discontinued and pretty hard to find. I have been searching for it everywhere for a few years and glad I finally found it. Picture is two coats, the formula is a bit thin and could use another coat but it is beautiful anyways.


  1. Love it - have all the old DS polishes but then I have been collecting polishes in my current collection since the late 80's!

  2. Great to see you found this beauty! I love having this ♥.


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