Sunday, January 13, 2013

Peacock Feather

 Hey guys! A few friends have been hounding me to do peacock nails-you know who you are-and I finally had to try them. My first attempt wasn't too great so I had to practice a bit and I think I'm getting it now. The base is OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, the feather is done with acrylic paints, and the glitter is OPI Bring On The Bling.


  1. Thats amazing! I love everything about it! The glitter in the middle is an awesome extra touch, I also love how you used different colours than ppl typically used.

  2. This is so pretty! I love manis with feathers!

  3. They're gorgeous! I want to recreate them :)

  4. Very pretty! I love the non traditional colors! :)

  5. Awww...this is so pretty. Love the color and design. You def have the talent. Great job and keep it up!


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