Saturday, January 5, 2013

OPI Stay The Night

 Hey guys! I made the mistake of stopping by Ulta the other day while I was out and spotted the Mariah Carey collection. I wasn't too taken with with the liquid sand polishes but did pick up one.
 Stay The Night is a black base with pink glitter. The liquid sand polishes dry to a matte, textured finish but you can add top coat for a glossy look. Picture below is three coats with no top coat.

 Here it is with top coat.


  1. How did your's stay so glossy without topcoat? It still looks pretty shiny. I seriously loved this polish when I wore it.

  2. I'm obsessed with textures and I have these liquid sands. This is the only one I prefer with topcoat. This color is awesome, but not very Mariah in my opinion.

  3. I just got the liquid sand polishes and can't wait to try them!!

  4. I like this with the glossy top coat but not feeling anything for the liquid sands on their own...esp this one. It looks like asphalt topper when I have needed to spread out a new chip coat seal on an asphalt street (lived on a ranch where we had a private road to 4 ranches and we all got out there to do road work every 2 yrs). So far I bought 1 texture polish - one of the Soft Touch from Layla - it's more like a soft felt and it's not lumpy and does not feel like horrible grit. If I get somewhere that sells OPI I will try these on a piece of scotch tape or put them on a clean white paper I tend to try to take with me when I know I will be somewhere polish is sold. Curious how this stuff is on removal...if it's hard to take off like glitters.

  5. This looks really cool both ways. It reminds me of lava!

  6. I just blogged about this color! I think it is perfect: the semi transparent black with the smoldering pinkish red glitters :)
    In the first pic I think the polish is a bit shiny because it is still relatively wet....(?)

  7. It looks soooo pretty with topcoat!


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