Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gift Cards For Everyone! and The Living Daylights

 Gift Cards For Everyone!, from the Ulta Holiday Exclusive polishes, is a dark purple with blue shimmer. In the bottle it's gorgeous but a bit disappointing on the nail. Unfortunately, the blue shimmer gets lost unless you are in bright light. Picture is two coats with top coat but it could have used a third.

 The Living Daylights, from the Skyfall 007 collection, is a clear base with silver, teal, copper and light gold glitter. Picture is one coat of The living Daylights on my ring finger over Gift cards for everyone.


  1. Gorgeous! I wish the shimmer was more prominent in all lights because it really is stunning.

  2. I was sad the shimmer didn't come out, but the purple is pretty regardless.

  3. Love it!!! Love the purple nail color with or without the glitters. I love purples so anything will do.

  4. I adore the skyfall, the purple not so much.... maybe if the blue shimmer was showing more it would be ok.


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