Saturday, July 28, 2012

Leopard Tutorial

 Hey guys, I am back today with Kalahari Kiss for a leopard tutorial! When I first picked up Kalahari Kiss and I Herd That I knew I had to try them together for this print, it was meant to be.

 If you would like to see how to do this design keep reading!

 I started with Kalahari Kiss as my base then added random blotches of I Herd That.

 There's no real design for doing your blotches, make some big, some small and some irregular shaped. Just keep in mind to leave enough space between to outline them.

 Next is outlining. If you have the nail polish with the thin brushes you can this step with that but I like to use black acrylic paint to sporadically outline my blobs. I've found they look best when I don't try and make it perfect. It seems better if I have a bit of a shaky hand or start off my outline with a very light hand and push down then lift off before I end the line.

 After outlining the spots I go back and add in small spots to fill in empty space, again not perfect.

 Add top coat and that's it!

 And an added bonus picture, I wore this as a manicure a few weeks ago while we were visiting family and went deep sea fishing off of California with my husband and father-in-law. It was a ton of fun and I had a great time out on the ocean even if it was a long and exhausting day!

 How do you like animal print nails? I actually have this design on my toes right now and love it.


  1. I love animal prints on the nails! Leo is my most favorite one!

  2. This one looks just fab and I did not pick up KK - I thought it was totally wrong shade for me - but I would wear KK done with this Leopard mani. Hope you had tons of fun in Cali. There is a lot of good deep sea fishing out of the little down I live in on the coast.

    1. I thought the same thing but I love it! I actually still have it on my toes. I had a great time in Cali, thanks!

  3. ugh. thats awesome. that makes me want to buy those two polishes and create it

    1. Ha, you should, or you could do it with any color combo you want! Thanks!

  4. so great! I love this collection!

  5. These are so gorgeous. I can't describe how much I love the polish combo!


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