Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flower To Flower

 These pictures are from a few weeks ago, I actually used this base color for OPI's Katy Perry contest on Facebook but thought I had lost the pictures, I found them today as I was transferring things over to my external HD so I figured I would go ahead and post it.
 This is from OPI's summer 2010 collection, very spring/summer colored pink with shimmer. Flower To Flower was the only polish I got from this collection and I adore it. Two coats, drying time was normal.

 Here is the lace design I painted, very simple, I liked it a lot.  


  1. Do you have fake or real nails and what did you use to paint the black on? It looks really pretty.

  2. Hi Kristina, my nails are real. I have tried acrylics before and they just aren't for me. Thanks, I used a very small paint brush.


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