Sunday, March 27, 2011

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

 Now that things have calmed a bit I am getting back into my nail routine. Today I have Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow Suede to show you, it was released back in fall 2010 and you can still find it in many stores and online as well. This is a beautiful shade of green, I like the suede version much more than the original. The suede Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow dries ridiculously fast so you have to have a good amount on your brush. The picture is two coats and was completely opaque. Plus it is even more gorgeous if you apply top coat which I do not have a picture but I think Scrangie has a picture with top coat on her blog so definitely check that out. The only issue with this polish is it does not last as long as the regular formulas, Mine lasted about three to four days before chipping. 

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