Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Avoplex Cuticle Oil, Avojuice and Reveiw

 I have somewhat fallen off the face of the Earth lately. With the mundane tasks of everyday life, acquiring several things for a small giveaway so check back soon for that, trying to get in every possible day I can of snowboarding before the season is over and having my nails pay the price for the cold harsh weather it has been tough. Honestly, my hands have not been loving me. I am positive if they could my hands would detach from my wrists and leave me for the way they have been treated as of late.
 So to address my dry hands in comes Avoplex oil and Avojuice, I have been using them both for a few days and hands feel much better. The Avoplex smells wonderful to me. I can not say what the smell is but I like it. I am addicted to the Avojuice aslo, I got mini Caramel Cream, it is awesome! They both absorb quickly and don't leave me feeling greasy.

 I ordered these through along with a few other things because I could not find them anywhere else. was a decent transaction for me but I had one issue. I placed an order and it didn't ship out until a full week later. Other than that they responded to my questions quickly, my items were packaged safely and everything got to me in one piece. 


  1. first time I've heard abt this site...
    They have a lot of retired mini OPI packs! that's great! and black and silver shatter left!

    Do you know what are the shipping costs (roughly)?

    Would you order on this site again?

  2. That is where I ordered both my Black and Silver Shatters from.
    If you are in the states and make a purchase over $50 shipping is $1, under $50 is $5, fantastic if you ask me. International shipping is $35 I believe.
    I would definitely order from them again. When the new collections come in I will be ordering from them again. I emailed them about the other shatter colors and they said they should be getting them soon so I keep checking back for those.

  3. Oh thank you! It seems interesting indeed!
    US residents are lucky (only 1 or 5$!!), I'm living in Europe, so I guess it's international shipping, but I'll check what I want and see if it's worth it!
    Thank you~


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