Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Horrid Cuticles

 I haven't posted anything in a while but today I have a surprise! I have never had any luck with Sally Hansen products. Nail polish, strengtheners, cuticle cream or oil, lip products, you get the idea. Nothing from them has ever worked. Well, while I was at the store this week I saw this and figured why not? If I am right it was around four bucks. Since my cuticle have been horrid this winter I needed something. 
 I am pleasantly surprised with Sally Hansen this time! I did not take before pictures or my cuticles because honestly, Sally has never been kind to me. But trust me I have problems with my polish chipping around my cuticles because I cant get them off my nail bed, and I use a chrome cuticle pusher!
 The instructions say to apply a thin strip and wait one to two minutes, I left it on around five. I did not use the built in cuticle pusher but none the less it worked great for me. It totally removed the cuticles stuck to my nail bed and seemed to actually leave the skin around my nails nice, soft and moisturized. It smelled nice also.

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