Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Skulls And Crossbones Tutorial

 So today is a very easy design, skulls and crossbones. I liked the Sally Salon Effects Numbskull design so much I tried it freehand. Basically if you make circles and lines you can do it. 

 If you would like to see the tutorial for this design keep reading. 
 I started with a white base, Alpine Snow, then with acrylic paint make dots. You can do one dot on every nail or more. I was going for the wallpapered look that the Salon Effects had.

 Once you get the dots in make three smaller dots right below the first larger dot connecting them for teeth.

 Now make an X below the dot for the crossbones. On the ends of the X make small heart shapes or tiny dots.

 I know, dots, dots, dots, right? Ready for some more dots? Make two dots for eye sockets and a smaller dot for a nose. All this talk of dots reminds me of the candy Dots and is making me want some. 

 If any of you lines are too big take white acrylic paint and cover it up to make them more perfect if you like. You can also make half skulls on the side of you nails like in the first picture on my thumb.
 Top coat and you are done!

 What is you favorite Halloween candy? If you don't get Halloween candy in your country what is you favorite candy there?


  1. This looks great!! I loooove Reese's Cups. They're my weakness :(

  2. This looks really cool! I love how patterned each nail is. :)

  3. Lovely! You make it look so easy - maybe I can finally try freehanding successfully. Thanks for this great tutorial!

  4. Wow, this looks so cool! And totally doable. I want to try this!
    And I'm a sucker for Candy Corn!

  5. This looks awesome! you have some steady hands :)
    I REALLY like it when it's just dots, too!

  6. wow! this is so good!

  7. Thank you so much, girls! I love tutorials that are east for others to do. Difficult, intricate designs can be intimidating to some.

    I have to agree with Liz. My favorite candy is Candy Corn, I can't get enough!

  8. Fun tutorial! I will have to try this!

  9. I WILL be trying this!! Love the step by step.

  10. Thank you, girls! Yes, please try it! I would love to know how it works for you!


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