Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bright Summer Leopard

 You guys all know how much I love leopard print nails! And now, since I am a licensed nail tech, I have been somewhat hooked on gel polish. So, while I was checking out the new Gelish gel polish colors over the weekend at the supply store I picked up I'm Brighter Than You and Brights Have More Fun. After I got home I thought they would be prefect to pair together for a leopard print.
 I'm Brighter Than You, a neon orange, is the base and I used Brights Have More Fun, a neon coral, for the spots with black acrylic paint for the outlining and a rhinestone on each ring finger. These are so much more ridiculously brighter in person, I am in love with them!


  1. I like how neat you painted your nails and this manicure totally screams summer. Looks wild and fun :D

  2. I've got one on my toes at the moment and the other is going on my fingers tonight! I absolutely love them.

  3. I love it!!! And have a question, I have like 15 gelish shades at home and I wanna know what lamp do you use? Cause I got a 36 watt generic one and its not curing the polish properly. Thanks!!!!

    1. Hi Jossie! I use the Gelish 18G lamp, so that's probably not a lot of help for you. What brand is it exactly, how long are you curing, and what other products are you using with the Gelish shades? Maybe I can help you find a different one that works for you?

  4. Love this! Love the colours you used.


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